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Susana Miller, Buenos Aires

10. November @ 20:00 - 12. November @ 16:00

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Susana Miller aus Buenos Aires gilt weltweit als herausragende Vertreterin des „Tango Milonguero“. Dieser Stil hat sich während der Goldenen Epoche des Tango in den Salons von Buenos Aires als Essenz des Tango entwickelt.
Susana Miller ist bekannt für ihren präzisen fokussierten Unterricht, der den Teilnehmern ermöglicht, sich der Essenz des Tango zu nähern.


La técnica es el primer instrumento del artista. El bailarín pule constantemente sus herramientas, investiga, aprende, borra y reaprende. Pero la pura técnica, la supremacia de la destreza por sobre la emoción, le roba espacio al alma, ahoga el arte.
El artista sabe que el suyo es un viaje sin destino, pura jornada, que lo acercara, tal vez a la nada, a lo incognocible.

Technique is an artist’s first instrument. A dancer constantly hones his or her tools, investigates, learns, erases and learns again. But pure technique, the supremacy of skill over emotion robs space from the soul and drowns one’s art.

Artists know that theirs is a voyage whose destination is never reached; it is always a day away. Sometimes it’s a trip that leads nowhere; sometimes it leads to that which cannot be known. Translation by Karen R. Simon

 10. November 2017 FREITAG:

20.00-21.30 DropInClass, 25€ Inklusive Eintritt,

Musikalität  : Osvaldo Pugliese und Juan D´Arienzo,

We’ll dance the spirit of the orchestras; the steps are only skin-deep.

Pugliese: the interpretation of silences and suspensions. Dance „speaks“ and the steps are its words. Silences and accents are its intention. How to do little by „saying“ a lot.

Technique for stopping on one’s axis, milonguero boleo and barrida. Differences between Pugliese and D’Arienzo in the same sequence.

With D’Arienzo, the steps are shorter and there are more double times. Turns  and counter-turns.

Musicality. For women – the ocho cortado with traspié. Dancing is not just „following.“ Let’s be creative within the lead.

21.30-01.30 Milonga de Epoca,

11. November 2017 SAMSTAG :
Einzelstunde mit Susana Miller möglich, bitte Termine vereinbaren.

14.00-15.30 Frauentechnik T1, 2Termine,

Técnica femenina

Balance, presence and connection. Posture, embrace.

How to place your feet on the floor to avoid metatarsal pain. When to bend and extend the knees.

Walking backwards, the cross, back ochos, walking forward, turns and pauses, standing on one leg. A simple, but fancy, foot game. We only have 6 movements. To follow, we have to be „available,“ not attentive. We „hear“ our body and that of our partner. ( men welcome )

16.00-18.00 Masterclass T1, 2Termine

21.30-02.00 Milonga de Gala, DJ : Suer,

12. November 2017 SONNTAG:
12.00-13.30 Frauentechnik T2, Técnica femenina

14.00-16.00 Masterclass T2,
Preis : 1WSP=30, 2WSPs=50,
Master Class= 60,- Euro pro Person, komplett : 100€



10. November @ 20:00
12. November @ 16:00